OPS-13 Climbing Tower and Contemporary Wood Swingset

OPS-13 Climbing Tower and Contemporary Wood Swingset

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Experience the ultimate backyard adventure with our Amish-built OPS-13 swingset! Made from durable pressure-treated pine, this impressive structure features a 4'x5' tower with a 6' high deck, bridge with railing, and two 10' scoop slides. Enjoy the thrill of the monkey bar, rock wall, and cargo net, or relax on the belt swings, tire swing, or wood glider swing. Perfect for kids of all ages, this swingset is designed for fun and safety. Let us deliver and install it for you, so you can start creating memories today!

Dimensions & Features

➨ Dimensions: 27′ wide x 26′ deep
➨ Space Needed: 31′ deep x 30′ wide
➨ 4′x5′ tower with 6′ high deck
➨ 5′x6′ tower with 5′ high deck
➨ 2 Canvas Roofs
➨ 4-position single swing beam
➨ Bridge with railing
➨ 2 Rubber-coated belt swings
➨ Bouy Ball swing
➨ Wood Glider swing
➨ Tire swing
➨ Fireman's Pole
➨ 2 - 10′ scoop slides
➨ Ladder
➨ Telescope
Made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by skilled Amish craftsmen

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What People Are Saying

“We don’t get blisters or splinters because it’s not wood.”

LeBron, Age 8

“This (playground) is better than I could imagine. They play hide and seek.”

Diane Hurst, Principal

“The monkey bars don’t hurt my hands anymore.”

Elijah, Age 8