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BERG develops, produces and innovates its go-karts and trampolines itself. Would you like to know more about the development process? 

The Gokart is supplied with instructions which explain how to assemble the Go kart . You can also go to your BERG Service Dealer, who will be happy to help.

You have found your perfect go-kart but are still missing something? You can make your go-kart look even better and have much more fun with all kinds of BERG Accessories. Are you going on an adventure together? Go for a passenger seat! Or make sure you can take all your things with you in one of the BERG Trailers. The possibilities are endless!

Many go-karts are offered in various shapes and sizes around the world, but BERG is the best choice because you are not just choosing BERG, you are also choosing quality, safety and loads of fun! 

Each go-kart has been specially designed for various environments and circumstances according to unique specifications. For example, BERG Off-road go-karts are designed to be able to take on any terrain. You have never raced so fast around the streets as on our BERG Race go-karts, and the BERG Farm models make every job on the farm seem super easy!swer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

When taking a turn, the outer wheel makes more rotations than the inner wheel. For example, when turn to the right, the left wheels make more rotations than the right wheels. When both wheels have traction, there can be no difference in rotations and you will not be able to turn smoothly.

Items often show an estimated delivery time. A number of factors influence this delivery time. It could therefore be the case that something goes less than smoothly at the factory, or that there is a delay in delivery to our warehouse. Therefore delivery times are an estimate. We always do our best to process pre-orders as quickly as possible. We will send you an email immediately after processing your order, giving despatch details and delivery date.

Trampolines FAQ

The Springfree Trampoline patented design features have eliminated 90% of product related trampoline injuries. The key features that make Springfree the world’s safest are:
Mat rods provide the safest bounce - Instead of springs which tend to stretch, rust and trap toes and feet, Springfree’s revolutionary design uses patented flexible rods. The rods provide a smooth, non-jarring bounce and lie beneath the jumping surface, out of harm’s way.

SoftEdge™ Mat removes hard edges - Our proprietary mat is 30 times more shock-absorbent than pads found on traditional trampolines.

FlexiNet™ Safety Enclosure keeps the jumper on the trampoline - The patented FlexiNet enclosure has flexible rods to cushion jumpers and prevent falls. The jumper is directed back to the center and cannot make contact with the net rods. The zippered net also ensures jumpers cannot fall through the opening.

Frame situated beneath the jumping surface out of harm’s way – Additionally, with three layers of rust-preventative coating, our steel frames are built to endure even the most extreme weather.

Springfree Trampoline provides a bounce similar to a traditional, spring-based trampoline in terms of how high you can jump. More porosity means it pumps less air and instead gives the energy back to the jumper. You can get a lot more height with more porosity. Springfree Trampoline mat fabric provides porosity equivalent to traditional trampolines of the same size.

However, the feel of the bounce differs as Springfree Trampoline has a smooth, non-jarring bounce. The deep, soft bounce of a Springfree Trampoline is much gentler on knees and joints for the jumpers. For more information, watch the “Is it bouncy?” video.

Springfree Trampoline’s SoftEdge™ Mat is 30 times more shock absorbent than pads found on traditional trampolines.

The Springfree Trampoline proprietary design doesn’t need pads around the edge! The SoftEdge™ Mat itself has much more give than normal safety pads. In fact, the Springfree Trampoline edge is equivalent to the 70mm thick padding used on Olympic standard trampolines.

Traditional trampolines require safety pads to protect the jumper from falling on the steel frame, falling through or getting caught in the springs. However, independent safety tests show that these pads do not absorb enough impact to sufficiently protect jumpers from contact with the springs and frame. Springfree Trampoline’s superior design has completely removed the springs and steel frame at jumping level, so there is no need for safety pads.

Springfree Trampoline’s FlexiNet™ enclosure is strong yet provides a unique flexibility that gently redirects wayward jumpers back to the center of the trampoline.

Some spring-based trampolines may have enclosures but they aren't flexible and are held up with rigid steel poles which introduce another impact risk. Basic enclosures only stop jumpers from falling off. There is a risk that these jumpers could make impact with the springs and frame.

The FlexiNet™ on a Springfree Trampoline is UV-resistant to prevent deterioration from the sun and other harsh weather conditions.

Our FlexiNet™ enclosure system is designed to catch wayward jumpers and guide them safely back to the center of the mat.

Even in cases where the FlexiNet is challenged by intentionally jumping into the top section of the enclosure, its proprietary design will maintain jumper safety. It is possible for a skilled jumper to make the net flex to the ground but the FlexiNet will still absorb the jumper's impact and decrease the speed at which the jumper is lowered to the ground, minimizing the eventual impact.

All Springfree Trampolines are sold with the FlexiNet™ enclosure. While it is possible to install a Springfree Trampoline without the FlexiNet, we do not recommend doing so.

The FlexiNet enclosure is one of the most important safety components of the Springfree Trampoline. It is designed to gently guide jumpers back to the center of the trampoline and eliminates the risk of them falling to the ground.

For more information about the safety enclosure net of your Springfree Trampoline, check out this short video.

Springfree Trampolines do not have any twisting action from the composite rods, it is lateral movement.

For more information, check out this video.

While the Springfree Trampoline is the only trampoline to accomplish the elimination of 90% of product-related injuries from traditional trampolines, trampoline injuries can also occur from jumper collisions if more than one person jumps at a time. To ensure your family avoids injury altogether, we highly recommend enforcing the ‘one at a time rule’ when jumping on the Springfree Trampoline.

All components of the Springfree Trampoline are weather-resistant, including UV stabilized mat and net rods, a galvanized and powder-coated steel frame and a UV stabilized polypropylene mat and safety enclosure.

Your Springfree Trampoline can be used all year and does not need to be covered or packed away even during the harshest summers or the coldest winters. Springfree Trampoline mats can hold quite a lot of weight, but in very heavy snowfalls you will need to brush off the excess snow (with a soft-bristle brush, not a shovel) to avoid extra tension on the fiberglass mat rods located beneath the jumping surface.

When developing the Springfree Trampoline, our inventor, Keith Alexander and his team of professional engineers created a superior design that focused on safety. The team searched the globe for the best quality materials and components. Further, we decided the only way to ensure safety was to build our own plant, with our own employees and our own quality control facilities. Our manufacturing facilities are located in China and we are proud to report having one of the most stable workforces; having invested in education and childcare for our associates. We are the only trampoline sold in the US that is fully, vertically integrated – from design, to manufacturing to dedicated offices and retail stores located within the US. In order to ensure the integrity of the world’s safest trampoline, it was important to us to oversee all aspects of the manufacturing, delivery and servicing – to maintain the superior safety and quality.

For more information check out this quick video which explains where the Springfree Trampoline comes from.

Yes. The high-performance rods on a Springfree Trampoline are housed in light plastic sheaths that protect the composite rods from UV deterioration. These sheaths may deteriorate over long periods of time as they take the full force of UV exposure, but they can be replaced. The rods and sheaths are covered under our 10-year warranty. For further information, please contact us.

The required air space is important for safety. A minimum of 5 feet clearance is recommended around the perimeter of the trampoline. The easiest way to figure the spacing would be to add 10 ft to the length and width. For example, for the 11' square you would need a clearance of 21' x 21'. That is not the footprint. That is the air space clearance you would need. Footprint is still the listed 11' square.

Springfree Trampoline is delivered nationwide by FedEx ground. When you order from Springfree Trampoline a tracking number will be provided to you via e-mail once the product ships.

For first time assembly, we recommend allowing 2 people about 2-3 hours to install a Springfree Trampoline. Our installation videos should give you an idea of what is involved in the installation. We recommend you watch the installation videos and review the Install Manual before self-installing.

We recommend regular visual inspections of your Springfree Trampoline to ensure everything is as it should be. We also advise removing any leaves, debris or snow from the trampoline.

Be aware that some cleaning products contain harsh and abrasive chemicals, which can cause damage to your trampoline. For best care of your Springfree Trampoline use a mild dishwashing detergent. If you have any questions regarding cleaning your Springfree please contact us.

Springfree is pleased to offer a full complement of replacement parts available for purchase. Please contact us to make an inquiry. You will need to provide your model and serial number when placing an order for a spare part.

Springfree expressly disclaims any liability that may arise from the user undertaking installation in a manner inconsistent with the exact installation instructions provided by Springfree, including but not limited to the user utilizing any other method or tool; not provided by Springfree.

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