• Why is a vinyl swingset so much better than a traditional wood swingset?
    By covering the wooden structural element of the swingset, it keeps the stability without the maintenance. No one wants to re-stain or repaint a swingset every year. Cover the wood also eliminates splinters. It also preserves the wood, helping our swingsets last for many fun-filled years.
  • What if my yard is not completely flat?
    We can install on small slopes, however, we need to dig down/block up the tower to get it level.
  • How hard is it to maintain a vinyl swingset?
    We love this question! Maintenance is all but unneeded. From time to time, as any outdoor toys do, your swingset will become dirty. Just use a simple cleaner and a soft bristled brush or gently power wash the swingset.
  • Does the swingset get anchored into the ground?
    The tower of the swingset is very heavy and does not require anchoring. We do use heavy duty spikes to anchor the ends of our swing beams to the ground.
  • Does it cost extra to customize?
    No. The cost only changes as you add or take away components.
  • Do you swingsets have any sharp edges?
    No, to assure safety, all sharp edges are covered with a smooth rounded cap.

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