Swingset Installation Guide

At Innovative Playtime we believe buying a quality playset or swing set shouldn’t be an overwhelming process so we’ve written this guide to help you navigate through the process.


It can be tempting to want to jump straight to the customization step but I promise you taking this step first will save you time and heartache later.

Take measurements of the space where you want the playset to go and pay particular attention to the slope of the space. If the slope is in excess of 12” over 20’ it is recommended to have the site leveled or to have a mulch or turf pad installed. Ask your Salesperson for details.

Make sure to check the access points of your yard. Do you have any gates? How wide? Do you have any steps or landscaping? Steep hills or dips? Low hanging wires or branches?

Design, Customize and Order

Now that the site evaluation is complete and you have your size parameters it’s time to build the playset of your dreams! Take some time to familiarize yourself with our various styles and choose one closest to that playset you’ve perfectly designed in your head and work with your sales associate to see how you can customize the set.

Once all of your customizations are in place and you’ve received your price quote it’s time to start to ordering process. Your sales person will talk over your financing options, take a deposit and inform you of the current wait time for delivery.

Delivery and Installation

It’s nearly time! Once we’ve received your playset your sales associate will call to schedule your installation. Installation on most standard swingsets takes only a few hours, once the crew is done you will sign off on the playset and pay any remaining balance if applicable.