Swing Sets, Playsets, and Trampolines: Finding The Perfect Outdoor Christmas Gift For Kids

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Do you remember Christmas morning when you were a kid? The excitement and anticipation of getting that perfect gift, the sleepless nights leading up to the big day — all of it was a small but memorable part of what made the holiday so special. This year, give your children a gift they won’t tire of playing with after a few hours — give them the gift of play.

To help make the holiday hunt easier for you — as the options can feel endless and overwhelming — we’ve compiled a list of swing sets, playhouses, and trampolines to help you find the perfect outdoor gift for your kids.

Play and Exercise — Why They Matter

Before we explore different outdoor gifts for kids like swing sets, playsets, and trampolines, it’s important to understand why playing outside is so essential for a child.

Studies consistently show that children are spending less time playing outside and more time inside on digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with playing video games or watching television shows or viral videos, studies are also clear that a failure to spend adequate time involved in physical play and lots of screen time can be detrimental to a child’s physical and cognitive abilities.

Outdoor Gifts for Kids: Giving The Gift of Play

The gift of play is important and timeless. Play allows children to develop their creativity, and is an essential component in the development of cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. To your child, playing outside — either alone or with their friends — is just a lot of fun, but the benefit for their minds and bodies extends well beyond a fun afternoon.

Now that we’ve explored some of the benefits, let’s take a look at outdoor Christmas gifts for kids, starting with swing sets.

Swing Sets

Swing sets are a great Christmas gift for children as they’re the classic outdoor play structure that pretty much any kid — from around 5 to 12 years of age — can enjoy. At Innovative Playtime, we have around 30 different styles of swing sets. Below are a few options that’ll put a smile on our child’s face come Christmas morning.

A-1 Climber Vinyl Swing Set

The A-1 Climber Vinyl Swing Set gives you an excellent foundation to build on. At an affordable price, this is the perfect choice for a young child to grow alongside. 

You can add additional pieces to the swing set as they grow older. And the heavy-duty vinyl-encased wood, coupled with the non-splintering surfaces make it the perfect choice for even the little kiddos in your life.

A-3 Deluxe Vinyl Swing Set

Have a smaller yard? No problem. You can still make this Christmas morning the most exciting yet with the A-3 Deluxe Vinyl Set. 

Boasting the same safe vinyl-enclosed wood and non-splintering surface as our other swings sets, this set can conjure up feelings of a personal fortress — with an enclosed top and flags. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they sail to a whole new world with their imagination.

A-5 Deluxe Vinyl Swing Set

Help your children build hand-eye coordination with a fun rock climbing wall and ladder on the A-5 Deluxe Vinyl Swing Set. This is an excellent choice for kids spanning a wide range of ages and is large enough to accommodate a neighborhood get-together. The tire swing is another feature that makes this swing set a best seller, and the standard swing and chair swing make this a fun option for families with younger and older kids.


Looking to enhance your child’s imagination and give them an outdoor play structure that’ll foster and create a backyard of adventure? Outdoor playsets can do just that. Our outdoor playsets — which include fire trucks, castles, and trains are Amish built and constructed with the finest materials. So you can rest assured they can play safe and sound, in a playset made to last.

Fire Truck Wooden Playset 400

Lots of kids dream about being a firefighter when they’re young — and for good reason. Often known as our modern-day heroes in many ways, firefighters display strength, courage, and care in their willingness to save lives. The Fire Truck Wooden Playset 400 is a great backyard gift for kids who want to use their imagination and cultivate a sense of creativity through play.

Helicopter Wooden Playset 1600

The perfect gift for your little explorer — the Helicopter Wooden Playset 1600 is a great Christmas gift for children with an adventurous spirit. Interactive and exploratory, this playset has a flight deck with two steering wheels so your kids can play and let their imagination soar. The tire swing, two regular swings, rock wall, and slide allow for all the regular fun of a playset with eye-catching construction.

Princess Castle Wooden Playset 2100

  Princess Castle Wooden Playset 2100

Princesses don’t always need saving — sometimes they need to play. This adorable but built-to-last fortress is perfect for anyone who wants to play in an enchanted world. Great for younger children, this fully immersive playset features a drawbridge door that opens up so your kids can explore the inside of this castle before playing on the slide and swing sets.


Trampolines provide hours and hours of fun for kids — and adults. Seriously, the acceptable version of jumping up and down on the bed, and catching air on a trampoline is so fun that this past decade has seen an unprecedented rise in indoor trampoline parks. Along with the entertainment aspect, trampolines also promote health and wellness by encouraging your kids to get outside and move.

Springfree Mini Round Trampoline R30

The truth is, kids aren’t necessarily engineered to be safe. Thankfully, our Springfree Mini Round Trampoline R30 is. Expertly constructed and netted, this is the perfect starter trampoline for families with younger children or for homeowners who are tight on space. This option is 6 feet wide, yet still able to provide all the same fun as our larger options.

Springfree Large Square Trampoline S113

The unique square-with-rounded-corners shape of the Springfree Large Square Trampoline S113 maximizes jumping space, making this a great choice for families looking to pack as much fun — and family members and friends — on a trampoline as safely as possible. 

Like all Springfree trampolines, this option offers a 10-year warranty, with a soft edge mat that’s 30 times more shock absorbent than standard trampolines. The result? Hours (and years) of fun on a trampoline that can withstand the weather and constant use.

Springfree Jumbo Round Trampoline R132

Our largest trampoline, the Springfree Jumbo Round Trampoline R132 is the ultimate option for safety and colossal fun for kids of all ages. A crowd pleaser that’s perfect for large families or a neighborhood gathering, it’s an excellent option for homeowners with plenty of space in their backyards.

Looking for more information before getting the perfect Christmas gift for your kids? Don’t hesitate to contact us or learn more about our financing options for more information on getting the perfect outdoor gift for your kids.

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