Why You Should Buy an Amish-Made Playhouse

A child smiles out the window of a wooden, Amish-made playhouse.

There are lots of playhouse options these days. Do you choose wooden, vinyl, fabric, or DIY? What size playhouse? And why buy a playhouse in the first place? These are all valid questions. After all, you want what’s best for your kids.

We’re exploring what makes an Amish-made playhouse stand out, and why an Amish-made playhouse is the safest and most durable choice for your family.

What Are The Benefits of Owning a Playhouse?

Owning a backyard playhouse comes with many benefits—not just the fact that you can keep a close eye on your kids while they play in the yard. Let’s dive into some of the reasons why owning a playhouse will improve your children’s growth and development.

Playhouses Promote Physical Activity

It’s no secret that outdoor play is important for children. In 2023, screens play a bigger role than ever in children’s lives. Playhouses encourage kids to get outside and get active, instilling healthy habits at an early age.

Active play has also been linked to better sleep and improved health indicators in children. You want to make sure your little ones stay healthy by being active, and playhouses are epicenters of active play.

Playhouses Encourage Healthy Socialization

Playhouses also help children socialize, encouraging play among siblings and friends. Socializing improves empathy, language skills, cooperation, and confidence in young kids

Cooperation, empathy, and learning to get along with other children will help your child develop meaningful friendships at an early age. 

Playhouses Foster Imagination and Creativity

Children have wild imaginations. Playhouses promote creativity, imaginative play, role-playing, and make-believe, so their imaginations can run wild. Sensory play and engaging with one’s surroundings can also help promote cognitive growth in young children. 

A child looks out of the window of their Amish-made playhouse.

Why Buy an Amish-Made Playhouse?

In an age of mass-produced goods that lack a human touch, Amish playhouses are handmade by people who are experts at their craft. 

Amish folks are some of the oldest craftsmen in America. They've practiced the art of woodworking for generations. Each Amish-made playhouse is painstakingly crafted, ensuring both practicality and durability. Their focus is on building the playhouse, not selling it.

The Amish possess tried and true woodworking solutions and expertise, perfected across generations of craftsmen and artisans. Each beautiful Amish-made playhouse is built with extreme care and attention to detail using the finest materials available.

Playhouse Age Range Guidelines

Age recommendations for an outdoor Amish-made playhouse range from 18 months to 8 years old. Be mindful of how wide the suggested age range for your playhouse is. The wider the age range, the longer you’ll be able to keep your playhouse.

Ideal playhouse for 1–4-year-olds

In this age range, ensure your playhouse is made with child-safe materials and has rounded edges. Wood should be sanded to avoid splinters.

Your playhouse should come with features that encourage sensory development and imaginative play, as these are two key areas of development in 1–4-year-olds. 

Ideal playhouse for 5–7-year-olds

Children at this age may want something more spacious where they can move about more freely. A larger playhouse is more suitable for kids at this age as they continue to grow and develop. 

Ideal playhouse for 8–10-year-olds

Consider more add-ons and features for children at this age to keep them occupied. Add a porch, windows, doors, additional rooms, a loft space, or multiple floors to your playhouse to keep kids engaged and give them more space to play and explore. 

Ideal playhouse for older kids

Similar to the 8–10-year-olds, you can add as many bells and whistles to your playhouse as you want to give it exciting new features. While playhouse play tends to wane at around 10, older kids may also find excitement in other outdoor activities. Pedal go-karts and trampolines present more thrilling (but still safe) outdoor adventures to keep your older ones entertained if they start to outgrow their playhouse.

 An Amish-made playhouse resembling a rustic log cabin.

Backyard Playhouse FAQs

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Playhouse?

The short answer is it depends. You could spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $40,000 building a backyard playhouse. If you’re a Jenner, you might spend even more

Safety and durability are the biggest concerns when it comes to DIY playhouses. When your kids’ safety is at stake, you may want to just leave it to the pros.

Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Playhouse?

Cost is one concern, but consider the safety hazards of building your own playhouse. If you don’t select the right materials or your execution is subpar, you’re potentially putting your children at risk.

DIY playhouses, even if you manage to build them safely, are also not necessarily built to last. You’ll save money by not having to replace your playhouse every few years if you buy a more durable one.

The bottom line is playhouses are investments. When your children’s safety is at stake, cutting costs by buying a budget-friendly playhouse that’s not the safest or most durable might not be the best idea.  

Innovative Playtime offers three financing options so you can buy a safe, durable, Amish-made playhouse and pay for it on a schedule that works for you.

What Is a Good Size Playhouse?

The size of your playhouse largely depends on the ages of your children. In general, a playhouse that is at least 8 feet wide and 8 feet long will provide enough room for most kids.

Of course, larger playhouses are usually better choices for older kids. And it’s not a bad idea to order a larger playhouse that your kids can grow into. Innovative Playtime offers a range of playhouse sizes, so you can customize your Amish-made playhouse to your desired length and width. 

Why Choose Innovative Playtime For Your Amish-Made Playhouse?

Innovative Playtime’s Amish-made, outdoor wooden playhouses are built with premium-grade construction materials keeping safety and durability in mind.

We also offer a diverse range of styles, from Victorian houses to log cabin hideouts, and even New England cottages. From quaint to rustic and everything in between, you’re sure to find the perfect playhouse design for your backyard that your kids will love. And we install your playhouse for free in all 50 states.

Bring the adventure to your backyard with an expertly crafted, wooden playhouse built to last generations.

Ready to find the right Amish-made playhouse for your family? Shop our site for a wide range of outdoor wooden playhouses for all ages.

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