Berg Pedal Go-Karts

Berg-Made, Pedal Go-Karts

Our pedal go-karts are safety-tested and endlessly fun!

Crafted in the Netherlands and shipped directly to you, we offer a wide range of Berg pedal karts, balance bikes, pedal go-karts, and more!

Our Berg-made pedal go-karts and balance bikes provide maximum comfort, stability, and safety. Each go-kart is made for a variety of heights, weights, and driving styles, so we’ve got something for everyone!

All bikes are ISO 9001 certified for quality and safety. And with our go-kart warranty, we guarantee our product will last no matter the terrain or adventure. 

We also offer three financing options so you can pay for your pedal go-kart on a schedule that works for you. So what are you waiting for? Shop Berg pedal go-karts that are built to last.