Benefits Of Owning A Swing Set

Green and white vinyl swing set with children playing on it.

Prior to the times of Facebook and cell phones, it once was simple to get children outdoors and moving. My mom oftentimes had to shout to get me to come back indoors.

Today, sadly, this is more challenging.

Our children are getting on cell phones and iPads earlier than ever, and the days spent outdoors is in decline.

However, here’s the good news: by merely having a swing-set or playset in the backyard, your children won’t only easily have the ability to go outdoors and play, they will want to!

Therefore, below are four main benefits of a swing-set.

It is Physical Exercise…That’s a Good Thing!

All of us understand the advantages of exercise, particularly for kids, and having an area to play that is convenient to reach is going to quickly get children moving.  This increase in activity, occurring more often, is going to keep your children healthy.

Childhood obesity more than doubled in kids and tripled within adolescents inside the last thirty years, according to the CDC.

In the United States, the percentage of kids aged 6 to 11 years, who were overweight rose from 7 percent in 1980 to almost 18 percent in 2010. Likewise, the percentage of youth aged 12 to 19 years of age who were obese rose from 5 percent to 18 percent over the same time period.

The earlier you’re able to get kids outdoors and exercising, the better – particularly if you’re able to get them to begin to play before they first pick up a cell phone.

Do you recall visiting the park as a child? Running, meeting new friends, and playing around on the swings? It was the kind of place to meet new people— to make jokes, and pretend.

Some of the most critical first memories we have are formed as we play, and there is not a much better place you can play than a swing set.

The next time you take the kids out to the park, see the smile on their faces while they have fun and climb on the slides. A swing-set allows you to have accessibility to that type of entertainment, without the trouble of having to leave your yard.

Plus, it’ll help to build the habit of exercising with the kids prior to video games being able to win them over.

Swing-Sets Improve a Child’s Athletic Capability

Having kids playing on a swing-set is good because swings ‘promote perceptual and movement skills, general fitness, spatial awareness, mental representation, social interaction, and sensory integration, which includes balance (vestibular development)’, according to a study done by Scholastic.         

This means your children are developing skills as they play on the swing-sets which will last for their whole lives — it even might improve their future sports performance, because of improved hand/eye coordination.

Let us go medical for one second: as an individual swings, both the proprioceptive system (the senses) and vestibular system (balancing) are activated.

A person’s vestibular system comprises of several tiny bones inside the inner ear which help individuals properly balance, and activities which activate a broad array of inputs inside the system, such as playing on swings, were discovered to improve coordination and balance by strengthening this system.

This means your children will have the ability to balance better than peers.

A person’s proprioceptive system is what allows the brain to know where the body is standing, and provides the brain data on posture. The good news is that the system also can be improved by playing upon the swings, which means your children will stand up straighter and be stronger.

Put the two together and you will realize that swinging assists in developing both coordination and balance in youngsters.

A visual connection between the systems also is strengthened as children swing, meaning your children will be better at utilizing their vision in order to adjust their movement and balance, providing them an earlier advantage as it’ll come to playing sports, skateboarding, or riding bikes.

Swings will Promote Social Interaction

Children oftentimes move to the swings in pairs, in which they’ll play games as they swing back and forth. Also, they’ll promote team play and sharing — as one youngster may swing while the other one pushes them.

In playing on the swings, your youngster will get better at socializing and making friends, a skill which will assist them in school, and later on in life as they begin to work.

Most times parents have stated that their child’s friend wanted to come over all of the time just to play on the swing set!

Swing Sets Are also Healthy For Parents

Most parents have talked about stories about their swings being a real blessing to THEM.

Consider this: your children go into the back yard and play; therefore, there is less concern on your part regarding what they are doing or where they are.  Less concern will mean less stress.  

In addition, your kids play outdoors for hours.  As they return back inside they’re tired from all of that physical activity.  

As it is time for bed, they are exhausted.  When they are in bed, you’ll get more free time for YOU!

Therefore, watch that television show, have a glass of wine, and, best of all, get more sleep!

I’ve met few people who’ve regretted their decision to buy a swing set.  It is a big investment, yet an investment which is going to be well worth it.

Top Things to Know About Swing Sets

There are three things you must have knowledge about regarding swing sets before purchasing one.  Here are all of them, with explanations.

Swing Set’s Deck Height

The height of the deck includes the distance, (feet), from the floor to the set’s main deck base.  The most typical height of decks on a swing set is 4’ to 6’.  A few businesses design 7’ mega playsets, and many businesses have higher-end playsets which have 2 decks – typically one 5’ deck and one 7’ deck, or one 7’ deck and one 9’ deck.  Usually, higher decks (in the instances of the 2-decked sets) utilized for slide(s).

Why is the height of a deck so important?

The height of a deck determines the deck’s size, swing arc, set’s footprint, and eventually, the expense of the set.  Generally, the greater the height of a deck, the larger the set.  The larger the set is, the more material is used.  And the more material that is used, the more expensive a set will become.

4’ deck heights – A four-foot playset height is the most economical and compact of all sets. In general, there are a couple of main purchasers of playsets that have a 4’ deck height: individuals with young children (1 to 3) who need a set for just a couple of years, and those who desperately need a playset yet have restricted space inside their yard.

Such playsets have more compact deck sizes, little room underneath its main deck, and smaller swing arcs. For those reasons, it is recommended to buy a playset that has at least a 5’ deck height in order for the playset to accommodate the kids as they age.

5’ deck heights – Five-foot deck height sets include the most typical of all sets.  They’re pretty compact yet also offer a pleasurable experience for older and younger children.  It’s recommended to buy at the minimum of a five-foot deck height that accommodates your kids as they age. Five-foot deck height sets have a bigger deck, larger footprint, and greater swing arc than four-foot deck height sets.

7’ deck heights – 7’ deck height playsets, as you can probably guess, have higher swing arcs, larger decks, and larger footprints than 6’ deck height sets. A 7’ deck height playset is a mega-playset for families that have large budgets and big yards. It isn’t uncommon for adults to use these playsets as well!

Also, 7’ deck heights exist on playsets that have 2 decks or more.  Usually, the playsets are bigger in footprint, and 7’ deck height upon the set typically is reserved for slide(s).

9’ deck heights – Nine-foot deck heights only are discovered on larger playsets that have 2 decks or more.  Usually, the 9’ height of the deck is reserved for slide(s).  Kids are in awe as they travel down the spiraling slide off of an 9’ deck upon a set!

The Kind of Swing Set Bases

There are 2 kinds of bases upon playsets: angle bases and square bases.

An angle based set has a massive rockwall, as well as room beneath its main deck for tire swings.

If you would appreciate a more detailed discussion of the kinds of bases, then read further.  Otherwise, skip to the next section, “Swing Set Safety Features.”

Square-Based Swing Set –   Generally, square-based swing sets will contain less room beneath the deck, as well as may be available with features like clubhouses, sandboxes, and picnic tables.

Angle-Based Swing Set – Typically, angle-based playset will contain more room beneath its main deck, as well as are available with a tire swing beneath the main deck and a larger rockwall.

Most mega-sets combine both kinds of bases, and provide the best of all worlds.

Swing Set Safety Features

For most parents, price includes the determining factor in purchasing swing sets.  I get that.  But, the safety features which are involved on more quality sets make them worth the additional expense.  

Here’s a brief rundown:

The safest ones will feature these:

  • Commercial grade hardware used
  • Playset is built with recessed hardware which does not “stick out”

If you would appreciate a more detailed discussion of the top safety features, then read further.  Otherwise, go to the last section.

Recessed Hardware- Be on the lookout for this hardware which doesn’t “stick out.”  Hardware that is recessed will keep clothes from becoming stuck upon the corners that stick out.

Hardware that is Commercial Grade – Safe playsets feature oversized bolts, as well as heavier lag screws made with stainless steel in order to keep them from corroding.  A swing set deck that uses stainless steel, commercial grade screws is going to work best.  When being constructed, no playset ever should use nails.

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