White and Blue Swing Kingdom SK 15 Mountain Climber Vinyl Swing Set
SK-15 Mountain Climber Vinyl Swing Set

SK-15 Mountain Climber Vinyl Swing Set

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The SK-15 Mountain Climber is a great option for families who are looking for a versatile and fun outdoor activity center. This vinyl playset includes a 5' x 5' tower with a canvas roof and 5' high deck, as well as a rock climbing wall with rope and cargo net, ladder, and handrail. The playset also features a 3-position climber and 1-position extension arm swing attachments, which include a belt swing with soft grip, trapeze, bucket infant swing with soft grip, and dual rider with soft grip. Additionally, there is a 3-rope tire swing and a 10' avalanche slide, ship's wheel, and binoculars.

Dimensions & Features

➨ Dimensions: 24′ wide x 18′ deep x 12′ high
➨ Space Needed: 28′ deep x 32′ wide
➨ 5′x5′ Mountain Climber Tower with 5′ high deck
➨ Canvas roof with flags
➨ 5′ rock wall with rope and cargo net
➨ 3-position climber swing beam
➨ 1-position extension arm swing beam
➨ Rubber-coated belt swing
➨ Rubber-coated trapeze
➨ Rubber bucket baby swing
➨ Rubber-coated dual rider
➨ 3-rope tire swing underneath tower
➨ 10′ Avalanche slide
➨ Ladder and Mountain Climber hand rail
➨ Ship′s wheel and binoculars
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“We don’t get blisters or splinters because it’s not wood.”

LeBron, Age 8

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Diane Hurst, Principal

“The monkey bars don’t hurt my hands anymore.”

Elijah, Age 8