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Berg XL Go-Kart

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  • Ages 4-12 Years
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  • Stable + Safe + Rugged + Fast.
  • Adjustable Driver′s Bucket Seat.
  • Agile BFR (Brake, Freewheel, Reverse) System.
Adjustable: Suitable for children ages 5 years an up, and it grows with them due to its adjustable seat.
BFR system: (Brake, Freewheel, Reverse) means the pedals can be used to brake and immediately reverse from a standstill.
Stability: Stable and secure road holding due to the four inflated tires and swing axle.

The Berg XL Go-Kart that Berg became famous for, has been completely restyled. You can still choose from three different models: Basic Pure, Basic Rapid and Basic Super. You’re never too big for the Basic. You can start using it from the age of five and even adults still like to ride it.

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