Berg X-ite Go-Kart Left View
Berg X-ite Go-Kart Right View
Berg X-ite Go-Kart Front View
Berg X-ite Go-Kart Back View

Berg X-ite Go-Kart

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  • Ages 4-12 Years
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  • Stable + Safe + Rugged + Fast.
  • Adjustable Driver\'s Bucket Seat.
  • Agile BFR (Brake, Freewheel, Reverse) System.
Adjustable: Suitable for children ages 5 years an up, and it grows with them due to its adjustable seat.
BFR system: (Brake, Freewheel, Reverse) means the pedals can be used to brake and immediately reverse from a standstill.
Stability: Stable and secure road holding due to the four inflated tires and swing axle.

Given how fast the Berg X-ite Go-Kart can go, your kids may run out of places to explore. But they'll be safe, and have a solid ride to take them through the places they're exploring.

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