Berg Reppy Pedal Cart Rider Yellow
Berg Reppy Pedal Cart Racer Orange and Black
Berg Reppy Pedal Cart Rebel Black
Berg Reppy Pedal Cart BMW White and Black
Berg Reppy Pedal Cart Roadster Blue
Berg Reppy Pedal Cart Rider
Berg Reppy Pedal Cart Adjustable Seat
Berg Reppy Pedal Car Anti Puncture EVA Tires
Berg Reppy Pedal Cart Direct Drive
Berg Reppy Pedal Cart Grows With You

Berg Reppy Pedal Cart

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  • Ages 2-6 Years
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  • Adjustable Driver′s Bucket Seat.
  • EVA Foam Tires That Never Leak.
  • Compact Design, Easy To Carry And Store.
Compact & Portable: The light and compact design make the Reppy easy to store and carry with its central frame handle.
Adjustable: The Reppy is suitable for children between 2.5 and 6 years, and can be adapted to body length. The rotating knob can be used to easily adjust the bucket seat.
Direct Drive: The Direct Drive system makes riding forward and in reverse simple.
Soundbox: Some Reppys are equipped with a soundbox with various sounds.
Tires: Enjoy long play fun thanks to the comfortable and supple EVA tires that never leak, and the stable swing axis.

When you go out on the pavement on the Berg Reppy Pedal Cart, all eyes will be on you. Racing with the Reppy is a fantastic experience. Cool design, low bucket seat and professional sports steering wheel are exactly what you as a young driver will get excited about. The direct drive system ensures a smooth drive and makes it just as easy for you to go forwards as backwards. Speed is great, of course, but not if you're bumping along the road. The EVA foam tires provide good grip wherever you are riding. They are hard-wearing and never go flat! The swing axle means stable road holding, and makes the Reppy not just fast, but safe, too. The Reppy is light and compact. You can pick it up and carry it anywhere thanks to the integrated handle in the frame. Turning the knob on the bucket seat is also handy. This lets you adjust the seat to the driver without the use of a tool. Meaning you can enjoy your Reppy Roadster from age 2.5 years to about 6.

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